Creative ways to display your family and portrait photography.

It was not long ago, before the digital era, that printing and displaying photographs were the only way to see and enjoy them. These days our computers, phones and tablets are filled with photos that are mostly forgotten, hardly looked at or deleted. I want to help my clients by providing creative ways to display their family and portrait photos.

Printing your portrait photos, hanging them on a wall or displaying them in an album or in picture frames keep memories alive to be shared with friends and family and allowing them to be enjoyed again and again. I know how powerful photographs can be in evoking strong emotions and memories – I still look with great fondness at the photographs that my father has taken of my sister and I when we were growing up in Italy and I am so grateful that he was passionate about photography and that he wanted to create memories of our childhood. After so many years the photographs that he has arranged in beautiful albums and picture frames remain one of the most precious things to me.

Your children will be adults in a blink of an eye, your teens turn into young adults almost overnight, it is inevitable that time will erase beauty and smiles. There is a quote by Aaron Siskind that summarises so well the power of photography:

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have captured on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything”.

It is inevitable that I, therefore, wish to create lasting memories for my clients. Whether I am commissioned for a family photoshoot, children’s portraiture or a boudoir shoot, I will always encourage my clients to go beyond the purchase of digital files and consider different, creative ways of displaying their favourite images in an album or on the walls of their homes.

Pre-session Consultation

The pre-session consultation with a client is important not only to discuss location, style of shooting or what to wear but also for planning creative ways to display your family and portrait photography. I like to ask questions about my clients’ interior design, personal style, and overall features of their home. I just want to make sure that the look and the style of the images I will be taking will complement their home and décor. I will ask a client where they envisage hanging any photos and canvases. Will it be for the nursery, the master bedroom or sitting room? Colour is a major consideration when it comes to wall art as each room will have a different feeling and colour scheme which should work in synergy and harmony with the images and the wall art style that will be hung on the wall.

To make the decision process easier for my clients, I use software that enables me to show on my laptop how their favourite photographs will look like in different rooms of their homes, whether in a group, collage of single large image and with different styles of wall art. If clients find that they have too many favourites for wall art alone they can consider a custom album or print boxes with larger collections of their favourite images. There is a wide choice of colour and material options to ensure that they will look good in any room. A boudoir album is a very popular choice for boudoir shoots.

Professional Partnerships

I aim to produce beautiful, timeless images that my clients will be proud to display in their homes as a work of art and that they will treasure forever. I work hard to make sure that every photograph I take is of the highest quality and this is the reason why I only use professional printing labs. I have also partnered with leading professionals for my albums, prints, frames and wall art display. I really believe that images are not meant to sit on a computer and only by printing them you will make them come to life. Please click here for more information on product choice and portrait shoot pricing.

Here is a video and a selection of examples of creative ways to display your family and portrait photography:



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