What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography encompasses a diverse range  of styles and moods,  including burlesque, pin-up, and  glamour, to name a few. Burlesque is all about sexy, provocative poses, with  vintage lingerie and props playing  a huge part in provoking a strong response from the viewer. Pin Up uses vintage, retro 40s and 50s style of clothing, with poses that are playful and teasing , whereas glamour is all about physical beauty , allure, and sexually suggestive images featuring nude or topless young beautiful women. However, what distinguishes  boudoir photography is its intimate and deeply personal nature, intended to celebrate the woman within. Unlike commercial lingerie shoots with professional models, boudoir sessions are often a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyday women. Capturing the essence of inner and outer beauty, boudoir photography seeks to evoke emotions, transcending mere visual representation. It is about celebrating femininity, sensuality and self- confidence in a way that is empowering and deeply intimate. Often, it is  what you don’t see in the image that it is so engaging for the viewer. Women choose to have  a boudoir photoshoot for different reasons.  It may be that a bride wishes to surprise her husband-to-be with bridal boudoir photos as a romantic gift, or a woman may wish to celebrate an important birthday, a wedding anniversary, reinvent herself after a divorce , or perhaps  she is  in need of a confidence boost to recapture her sensuality, which has been consumed by motherhood.  This highlights the importance of finding the right boudoir photographer who can embrace a woman’s  vision.

How to find the right Boudoir photographer?  

When choosing   a boudoir photographer, it is crucial to consider their style and approach to boudoir photography  . Whether you prefer a studio or location shoot, understanding the photographer’s lighting preferences and aesthetic is key.

You can opt for a  studio boudoir photoshoot where  standard strobe lighting  and props are used , a one-for-all approach , or a location photoshoot which can take place in selected locations based on your  vision   , i.e. hotel room , apartment,  or in the intimacy of your  home. A location photoshoot can  offer a  variety of backgrounds  and lighting styles,  with  a mixture of  natural light  for luminous , soft    images,    or  darker,  moody  style images  where lighting is  carefully placed  to emphasize  shadows.  You will be able to identify  those photographers who specialize in either studio or location photoshoots by checking their website or their social media .

You  will need to consider the style of lighting that appeals to you .  Do you prefer  a ‘High Key’,  airy, soft   style or  a ‘Low Key’, darker, moody  one?  Or perhaps you like  them both and you would like to mix these two styles  of lighting in your photoshoot? The choice is up to your preferences and personality.

Boudoir Photography Lighting

A ‘High Key’ style Boudoir has a luminous and soft feel, without dark shadows; one with the client styled not only with pastels and light tone lingerie but also with shirts, cardigan, silk and lace. This style has a very feminine, light feeling, also perfect for bridal boudoir. A “Low Key” style of Boudoir puts the emphasis on seductive, moody, darker light which contours the woman’s body, allowing certain features to fall into darkness while emphasizing others. This style of Boudoir will suit sexier lingerie in darker tones, high heels,  and stronger make up. Images will be deliberately more grainy, often in black and white, with a film noir feel.

Check my   Boudoir Galleries  to view    these two contrasting  but equally beautiful Boudoir lighting  styles.

Researching reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into a photographer’s professionalism and quality of their  work,  as well as  the level of service and products they offer.

Additionally, scheduling a pre-consultation allows you to assess a photographer’s  personality, ensuring that you will feel comfortable and confident during the shoot. Pay attention to the questions you will be asked  to assess the  level of expertise and attention to detail.

Ultimately, finding the right boudoir photographer is essential for a memorable and empowering experience. By selecting someone whose style resonates with your personality  and who makes you feel at ease, you can ensure your boudoir session captures the true essence of your beauty and sensuality.

Here  my approach to Photographing Boudoir.

This selection of images illustrate the two contrasting boudoir styles which I offer to my clients.



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